Accounting * Audit * Governance

Smart companies know effective accounting and internal controls can help increase your equity and grow your business. Mulcahy Consulting saves your company money and time by providing an interim executive, so you don’t have to pay long-term employee overhead costs or spend time managing a human resource when you have a short-term project need. Below is a listing of our services. 

Accounting: we make available an executive for companies who need accounting solutions, but don’t have the time or money to hire new full-time employees. We provide accurate, timely and cost-effective accounting practices, so you can focus on your overall business. Our services include forensic accounting, as well as traditional business accounting, such as billing, cash, accounts payable, and debt.

Auditing: we offer audit services to help companies identify risks and analyze business procedure weaknesses, so you can improve controls and better streamline business operations. Our services include coordination of external audits, remediation solutions for material weaknesses and significant deficiencies, risk remediation from regulatory Accreditation reviews, internal control monitoring, and internal audit projects. We also offer Quality Assurance Reviews (QARs) to the Chief Audit Executive (CAE) and their Audit Committee.

Governance:  we provide analysis and counsel regarding business processes and policies affecting an organization’s financial accountability to their stakeholders. Our insights will help avert scandals and ultimately enhance a company’s overall reputation. Our governance services include assessment and/or development of ethics and compliance programs. We set-up whistleblower hotlines and respond to and investigate complaints. Also, we evaluate processes and conduct testing to help assess compliance with The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.